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Hampton Bay Windward II remote control *direction* indicator wrong/incorrect/backwards

Hey there. I have three Hampton Bay Windward II fans (which are great BTW!). I am having an issue with one of them. The direction indicator on the remote is wrong/incorrect/backwards. By that I mean when the fan is blowing downwards, the remote indicator shows UP. And when the fan is blowing up, the remote indicator is showing DOWN. The other two fans are correct and not an issue.

Is there a way to *flip* this somehow by resetting something? I tried switching off at the breaker, then changing direction via the remote (so the indicator switched direction), then flipping the breaker back on. Sadly this did not work. Any ideas, other than "call Hampton Bay..."?

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Posted 2018-04-29T23:27:20+0000  by RiverdaleDIY RiverdaleDIY