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Hampton Bay Windward ceiling fan light problem

Hello! I have 3 Hampton Bay Windward ceiling fans w/ remote controls. On one of the fans the 30 watt circular fluorescent bulb stopped working. I decided to swap the bulb with one of my other Windward fans to test it, and it tested ok, however, the other good bulb didn't work in the bad fan either. Therefore, I assumed, as with most fluorescent bulbs that fail to work, that the ballast must be bad. I ordered a new ballast, installed it in the fan, and turned on the power at the wall switch. At that moment the bulb flashed on for a second or less. After that the light would not go on with the remote even set at 100%. Fearing that the bulb may have gone out, I removed a known good bulb from one of my other Windward fans again, and tried it into the fixture in question, and that bulb did the exact same thing. Then, fearing that I may have purchased a bad ballast, I swapped the new ballast with the one in a working fan as a test. I discovered that the new ballast functioned perfectly in the other fan. So what I have is a new ballast that functions in one of my known working fans, but doesn't work in the fan I purchased it for. Both bulbs and both ballasts function in the known working fan, but neither in the "broken" fan. So, if I the ballast wasn't the problem, what other part could be the culprit? Thanks in advance for any help that you can be. By the way the fan portion works properly in the broken fan.
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Posted 2012-06-03T05:56:01+0000  by DesertRat DesertRat

I forgot to mention in my original post that the model # of these fans is 54SHRL. Today I tried the original ballast that I thought I needed to replace in one of the known working fans, and that ballast works, too. So I have tested 3 ballasts and 2 bulbs in the problem fan with no solution to the light problem, but all 3 ballasts and both bulbs work in another fan of the same model #...

Posted 2012-06-03T23:09:56+0000  by DesertRat

The UPC Code for this fan is:  082392552961

Posted 2012-06-04T11:59:19+0000  by DesertRat

Hi, DesertRat.

Thank you so much for the details & the UPC as well.

I think we can get this resolved for you.


It sounds like it could be your ballast as you stated, or even perhaps the light kit could be going bad & affecting the light bulb's lifespan.

The best department to advise you exactly what the issue is would be the tech support department for this particular fan, King of Fans. They provide tech support/parts replacement for this model.


Please give them a call with your UPC handy to discuss issues & they'll diagnose, sell you the parts you need if the fans are over 1 year old (if within first year of ownership, with copy of proof of purchase, they will replace defective parts for free).

You can reach them at 1-800-330-3267.


Please email me if you have any further questions after you speak with them.

- Thanks, Nicki

Posted 2012-06-04T15:16:02+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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