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Hampton Bay Windward ll - I Can't Unscrew The Globe

I have followed the instructions [push up on the globe and turn counter clockwise] but the globe won't budge. There is no "give" to it when I push upward so I am not able to twist it - I think that it's stuck! Do you have any suggestions on how I can get the globe off?

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Posted 2012-08-18T15:32:39+0000  by ageneralpain ageneralpain

Hey ageneralpain.


I was looking on the Care Manual for your fan and it does say in the middle of page 9 to turn the glass counter clockwise to remove it but it also says to keep the light off for a little because it will remove better when the light is cool. I also have a fan with a globe that removes the same way. My wife could not get it off but when I tried, I got it off because I just used more force.


Here is a copy of the care manual. You are doing it right, just let it cool down and try it again, with more force.

Posted 2012-08-19T14:03:18+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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