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Hampton Bay bathroom exhust fan and LED light combination

Hampton bay-  Item # 249-872  , Model # VFB25ACLED1-5


I want to turn on the fan and light separately, using two switches.   I have 12-3 wire to the fan box. one black , one white, one red and ground.   The fan box has seven (7) wires,  Black- ( L) , White- (N), Gr.- Ground,  Blue- Light,  Brown-Fan,

Red- n light,  and yellow- common.


The installation instructions are a joke.  I have tried several combinations - either the light works, but the fan does not, or vice versa.  How can this fan be wired to turn both fan and light on independently?   I tried wiring the black to the input on the unit, and then use the yellow (common) to the fan, which works.  However, what do I connect the light to?  If I connect it to the yellow, then the light and fan are controlled by one switch. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am at a loss.  HELP!





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Posted 2013-04-29T13:56:23+0000  by 911_in_SC 911_in_SC

I would suggest you call their tech support, 1-877-527-0313, I know these fans use DC motors, if wired incorrect will burn up fan motor.  They also make a wall switch just for these fans since they have more functions, fan,light, night light.

Posted 2013-04-29T15:07:57+0000  by jwatkins82

Thanks.  I did.  Unfortunately, there is no way to wire the fan with the existing wiring and have the components function independently.  Argh!  I either use it with one switch (all comoponents together) or run wire - not really an option at this point.  I truly wish the sales associate would have informed me of this when purchasing.  WOW.  Thanks.



Posted 2013-04-29T19:54:28+0000  by 911_in_SC
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