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Hampton Bay ceiling fan



I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan and light fixture. Recently the remote control stopped working. I've replaced the battery (didn't fix it) but I haven't reset the internal code because I cannot locate the receiver on the actual fan. Do I need to unscrew the whole fan from the ceiling? 

The remote is Hampton Bay UC7078T

I'm not positive about the fan itself, but it looks most like the Hollendale model. It has 5 blades, 4 lights, no pull-chains. 


Thanks for your help!




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Posted 2013-10-30T19:14:27+0000  by rigbymama rigbymama

Hey rigbymama.


My buttons on my fan remote got harder and harder to press until it stopped working completely. The transmitter, which is up in the canopy cover, by the ceiling was fine, therefore making the fix simple. I went to the Home Depot and got a new fan remote, which came with the receiver. 



I simply got the old remote, took the battery out of the old remote so I could see the dip switch codes (blue switches) and set the new remote to the same codes. The fan worked perfectly, which told me it was the remote that was the problem. If this does not work then you have a problem with the transmitter and you will need to drop the canopy cover which is just 2 little screws.


Hit me back here and let me know how it goes.

Posted 2013-10-31T15:28:05+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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