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Hampton Bay ceiling fan issue/problem

I have several Hampton bay ceiling fans.  They are various varieties made by CEI, SMC, and Aloha.  I have had them about 11 years. I have run into a couple of problems and called the mafuc (most recently Aloha) and they were great in solving my problem up to sending me out a replacement fan.
I am now having a problem with the motor on a Bridgeton? style (I have two of these) upc 043263 124175 made by SMC.  Stopped running.  I called SMC and they had no clue as to the Cap size and told me I need to remove the light kit to get this for them.  While doing this I hit the reverse rotation switch and the fan worked but there was a lot of noise.  Called SMC back and held the phone to the fan and they heard the nosie and confirmed that it was the fan.
I was told that I had to disassemble the fan and send the  motor and housing back to them for replacement.  As this is a Hampton Bay product and only made at home depot I questioned this as they confirmed that the fan motor is bad.  Spoke to Home depot and was told that I needed to show them the receipt.  HUH????!  Why as it has a lifetime warranty and the motor is bad, why is this so difficult.  Who keeps a receipt that long...shame on me.
As I understand it that is HD policy.  So beware..... Aloha was great, SMC not so much.  Do not trust the HD lifetime backup of their products.  Aloha no lone in the HD program...Wonder why.
Just a dumb electrical engineer's opinion.....Should be easier.
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Posted 2011-05-05T14:14:52+0000  by cwurst3rd cwurst3rd

Hello I'm Tinzley with Home Depot's Customer Care team. I read your post and would like to assist. Can you send me an email with a way you can be reached to I'll be happy to see how I can clear things up a bit. Thanks.

Posted 2011-05-05T15:07:13+0000  by TinzleyB


Did you ever get your problem solved?

I bought a house with a remote controlled ceiling fan/light.  A year ago I took it down, because of how we were using the room.  Last month, I put it back, and now neither the light nor fan work.  I have looked on line, attempted the pin reset, and called with no luck.  I have confirmed that the power is functioning.


I have called home depot and other numbers and only received the run around.


How can something work just fine, and when re-installed now not work?


Thanks, Scott

Posted 2011-08-05T16:18:13+0000  by Cubbler
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