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Hampton Bay ceiling fan light won't turn on with remote

I have a Winward IV 52 inch ceiling fan in my bedroom, SKU 458301, with remote model Fan-9T.  The remote still operates the fan but the light won't turn on. I've replaced light bulbs in the fan and batteries in the remote. I checked the wires from the receiver to the light kit and they are fine. I can't easily get to the dip switches on the receiver so I they haven't been checked. The fan was in the house when we moved in 2 years ago but the house is 10 years old so I'm not sure how old the fan is.

The fan light was working fine before I shut the power off/on in the house several times to install new hard wired fire alarms. I also flipped the circuit breakers for the bedroom but the fan light still won't come on. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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Posted 2015-08-21T01:51:26+0000  by Jenaben22 Jenaben22
If it's multiple bulbs and none of them light, I would suspect either the remote itself or the receiving module inside the fan.  Frankly, it seems to be a pretty common problem based on the number of questions we get here.  Give Hampton Bay a call, they can help you get the right parts for your fan.

Posted 2015-08-21T02:00:09+0000  by Adam444
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