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Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote receiver

Ceiling fan purchased about 3 years ago.

Remote no longer working. Fan stopped while operating.


Electrician tells me that it is probably the remote receiver is gone because the remote part is still working, keeping temperature etc.


My remote has fan has  -  auto, for/rev, timer, light switch, light delay, temp/set hour. 

I just returned from Home Depot where I purchased a remote with receiver  SKU 191 691 which has only light switch, high, medium, low and off.  The salesman told me that the electrician can probably connect my present remote to this new receiver but he wasn't sure.  I don't need the timer settings but I certainly need to use the "forward/reverse" setting as this fan is on a cathedral ceiling.

I'd be happy to order this part from Hampton Bay if possible to make sure that it will work with the old remote


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Posted 2011-10-22T19:40:31+0000  by cjfb cjfb

Hi, there, CJFB!

I hate to hear you are

 having problems with the fan, but we shouldn't have any problems locating parts for it if you would be so kind as to locate some information for me. :)
It is always best to get the exact part that was made for your fan, versus trying to use a Universal remote/receiver, as occasionally they do not work with every single fan, but I'd be happy to help with this.


In order to try an order these parts, I have to ID your fan, then contact the parts department that holds the ones for this particular fan.

I would need you to take the product information off the stick on the top/side of the motor housing. You can peel it off, it’s a silver/gold color, and the UPC (12 numbers, NO letters) from that sticker will tell me everything I need to know.

If you can find that reply back with the numbers on it so I can help. If you do not find that sticker, you can take a picture of the fan fully put together, and I can attempt to ID the fan by that, but that can be trickier. Sticker UPC is best.

Please email this information to me at


Thank you again!



Posted 2011-10-25T14:13:48+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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