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Hampton Bay ceiling fan speed switch replacement not working out

I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with light kit.  I don't know the UPC or model number.   It's a close-mounted, ceiling hugger model.  It has a Hampton Bay sticker on the switch housing and a Date Code JJF-4 sticker on the inside of the housing.  It was in the house when I bought it.


A few days ago the speed control chain broke off inside the switch.  I went to my local Home Depot and bought a Westinghouse 77021 3-speed switch as a replacement.  (When the chain broke, the fan was on Medium speed and continued to run at that speed until I shut off the power to do the switch replacement.)


I followed the instructions carefully, noting the colors of wire that went to each terminal on the old switch and using them with the new switch.  They were (surprisingly) L-purple, 1-gray, 2-brown, 3-black.  I really figured that the L would be black and I've seen postings on line that mention that as the usual thing.


The fan does not run with the switch installed as indicated above.  I hear a hum on one switch setting, but not on the others.


I got out a continuity checker and notice that the black wire has 110v AC relative to ground.  Nothing on the others.


I tried turning on the circuit breaker and making contact between two wires at a time in all combinations.  I noted a spark each time I would touch the black wire to one of the others.  No spark between any other combination.


I put the checker on the uninstalled switch and traced the continuity as I operated the switch.  If I use the L as the main terminal, continuity goes from naught to 1 then 2 then 3 then naught as I pull the chain.  There is never any continuity between any numbered pair.


I tried being my own switch.  I turned on the circuit breaker then made quick and careful contact between various pairs of wires.  When gray, brown, or purple contacted black, I'd get a small spark but no motion of the blades.  Occasionaly I'd hear a hum.


Please advise.


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Posted 2012-04-15T01:21:43+0000  by bfotk bfotk

Hi bfotk, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear about your problem replacing a fan switch.


I know you said that the fan was a ceiling hugger mounted type. In order to get you some help right away, you will need the correct model number and the UPC code.


These are located on a sticker on top of the motor housing. You need these as there are several manufactures of Hampton Bay fans.


Once you have this information, you can place a call to the Hampton Bay Customer Service Team and they can help you figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.


If you need to order repair parts, you can do that while on the phone with them.


Here is the Hampton Bay Customer Service phone number. This should get your fan running in no time.


Hampton Bay Help.jpg



Hope this helps.

Posted 2012-04-16T16:15:43+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
I also was trying to repair a Hampton Bay ceiling fan switch (with Blk/grey/Brn/Puple wires) with a Westinghouse 3- speed fan switch replacement pt.#77020 or 77021, but when I connected L-Blk, 1-Grey, 2-Brn, & 3-Purp it worked but could not get it to turn off, when I pulled switch 2-3 times it just had 2 speeds!? What am I missing!??
Posted 2012-06-25T19:08:47+0000  by corealty21

Hi Corealty21, welcome to the community. First you need your model number and UPC code. These are located on top the the motor housing. Once you have that information, you can place a call to the Hampton Bay Customer Service Team and they can help you figure out the problem.


They will also help you fix the problem. If you need to order parts you can do that at the same time. Call 1-877-527-0313 M-F 8:00 am-6pm. EST, Hope this helps.

Posted 2012-07-02T15:51:33+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

I, too, had the chain break on the Hampton Bay Langston Model #165-342 after a week of use.  I took out the broken light switch after taking a picture and noting the wire placement.  I then went to Home Depot and was directed to the switches.  I only saw a three speed/four wire replacements as a possible match of which I purchased.  When I got home, I installed the switch with the wires in the original position, but when operating it does not turn off and only stays in a medium speed through all positions (as a previous poster stated).  Obviously have the wrong part and need to make yet another trip/purchase of a repkacement switch.  Please advise. Thanks in advance.

Posted 2012-08-13T05:37:55+0000  by crawdaddy
UPC 792145352891
Posted 2012-08-13T05:38:57+0000  by crawdaddy

I to have a hampton bay ceiling fan that has stopped working.  After calling the support number in Atlanta they informed me that I needed to replace the Capiciator which I did.  However it still does not work.  I know my upc code and model number and yet can't get the help I need.'


Posted 2012-08-28T02:11:06+0000  by conair

Not sure how to post, so I am replying to the last posting. Sorry for that.

I have a Hampton Bay Tiffany Pearl 52" ceiling fan and the chain for light control broke. My model is 129888 and there is also a number 165265 on the manual. UPC is 082392048907 (Bronze). I can't get access to the screws so that I can open up the casing and replace the switch. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Thanks for any help.

Posted 2012-09-22T01:25:06+0000  by dipbhat

I was able to get this working with our fan with the following wiring:

Posted 2012-09-29T22:52:27+0000  by ezjensen

I too had this problem.  What I did was I used the bottom portion of the old switch (the one with L,1,2, and 3 printed on them) and attached to the part I bought at the Home Depot.  The original (broken) part came apert realitively easily but the replacement part did not want to come apart.  Ultimately, I took a hack saw blade and gently cut a diagonal cut though the tab holder.  This is connected to the lower housing.  This allowed me to separate the two parts.  Then I snapped the old lower portion and the new upper part back together.  It worked for me.  The other option is to pull the UPC number off the top of the fan, call Home Depot and have them contact the original manufacturer (my replacement part was a little over $10 including shipping) and wait for it to arrive.  This worked for me since my chain broke in the switch.  If something else is wrong with your switch time might not work.

Posted 2012-11-21T17:39:07+0000  by RobG

I just replaced my Hampton Bay ceiling fan switch with a Westinghouse 77020 switch found at Home Depot.  It worked perfectly.  Do not use 77021 switch.  It will not work.  Write down what colors are attached to what number on the original switch.  Mine was Black-L, Purple-1, Grey-2, Brown-3.  Do not cut the wires from the old switch.  They are soldered at the end and come out using a small flathead screwdriver.

Posted 2013-06-01T20:41:36+0000  by chas521
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