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Hampton Bay ceiling fan speed switch replacement not working out

I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with light kit.  I don't know the UPC or model number.   It's a close-mounted, ceiling hugger model.  It has a Hampton Bay sticker on the switch housing and a Date Code JJF-4 sticker on the inside of the housing.  It was in the house when I bought it.


A few days ago the speed control chain broke off inside the switch.  I went to my local Home Depot and bought a Westinghouse 77021 3-speed switch as a replacement.  (When the chain broke, the fan was on Medium speed and continued to run at that speed until I shut off the power to do the switch replacement.)


I followed the instructions carefully, noting the colors of wire that went to each terminal on the old switch and using them with the new switch.  They were (surprisingly) L-purple, 1-gray, 2-brown, 3-black.  I really figured that the L would be black and I've seen postings on line that mention that as the usual thing.


The fan does not run with the switch installed as indicated above.  I hear a hum on one switch setting, but not on the others.


I got out a continuity checker and notice that the black wire has 110v AC relative to ground.  Nothing on the others.


I tried turning on the circuit breaker and making contact between two wires at a time in all combinations.  I noted a spark each time I would touch the black wire to one of the others.  No spark between any other combination.


I put the checker on the uninstalled switch and traced the continuity as I operated the switch.  If I use the L as the main terminal, continuity goes from naught to 1 then 2 then 3 then naught as I pull the chain.  There is never any continuity between any numbered pair.


I tried being my own switch.  I turned on the circuit breaker then made quick and careful contact between various pairs of wires.  When gray, brown, or purple contacted black, I'd get a small spark but no motion of the blades.  Occasionaly I'd hear a hum.


Please advise.


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Posted 2012-04-15T01:21:43+0000  by bfotk bfotk

I just replaced my Hampton Bay ceiling fan switch with a Westinghouse 77020 switch found at Home Depot.  It worked perfectly.  Do not use 77021 switch.  It will not work.  Write down what colors are attached to what number on the original switch.  Mine was Black-L, Purple-1, Grey-2, Brown-3.  Do not cut the wires from the old switch.  They are soldered at the end and come out using a small flathead screwdriver.

Posted 2013-06-01T20:42:39+0000  by chas521

The fan speed switch in Hamptom Bay fans is not configured the same as the Westinghouse generic replacement fans switches sold in HD.  The Westinghouse switch is a standard 1 pole 4 position switch with a common (L) and three separate contacts.   The Hamptom Bay stock fan speed switch will have the same number of positions but the common connects to various combinations of the contacts (L+1&2, L+2&3, L+ 1&3).  The AC Line input is attached to position 3 rather than the common and the basic fan motor is connected to the L input.  Positions 1 & 2 each is a capacitor connected to a common coil of the fan.  The basic motor lead goes thru a reversing slide swithch and the other two cap leads just add it in various combinations to induce more or less speed.  It looks like the only replacement option for the fan speed switch is to get it directly from Hamptom Bay.  There are samples of various fan wiring diagrams online and this is just one of them.  The Westinghouse replacement switch probably works on some brands but clearly not on Hamptom Bay.

Posted 2013-07-26T05:10:13+0000  by dawei
Help, I can't even find any listing for my fan switch....4.5uF. 4uF 6uF....I think I can wire it in if I could find the part. Neither Hampton Bay nor Home Depot web sites are very helpful. Could stand to be a little more user friendly !
Posted 2013-09-20T21:52:06+0000  by JSDunlap
Can you pass along the part number for that switch ?
Posted 2013-09-20T22:14:09+0000  by JSDunlap
The 77021 Westinghouse worked in my Hampton Bay, so it all depends on the model. My local HD sold me a 77288 Westinghouse- fan ran with two speeds but would not shut off.
Posted 2014-01-12T02:34:14+0000  by Dstep76
I have a Harbor Breeze (Lowe's) 3 speed ceiling fan that would only stay on medium.  I thought the switch might be bad, so I replaced it with 77021 Westinghouse replacement switch from Home Depot and it didn't work.  It would still only go on medium, but would not shut off.  I found out that the reason is because the ceiling fan I have is a one capacitor 5-wire, 3-speed system, and this switch is for a 2 capacitor system.  I took the 77021 back to Home Depot and replaced it with a 77086 which is for single capacitor fans and this worked.  I now no longer have a fan that will not go on high or go off.  Lesson learned: match the switch type to the design of your ceiling fan (1 capacitor or 2 capacitor) because they are incompatible unless you do.
Posted 2014-08-29T02:05:37+0000  by whbsmith
I am replacing my fan switch for my Hampton Bay ceiling fan.  I need a wiring diagram (or someone to tell me what color goes in the L -1 -  2 - 3 positions) but have been unable to find one online.

I was unable to note the positions of the wires when I opened the housing as the switch had broken apart and several of the wires were already displaced.

Posted 2015-08-30T19:53:58+0000  by bhsd
The Zing Ear replacement switch is available from  Information shown below.  Ordered the part and received within 3 days.  Highly recommend.

Ceiling Fan 4-hole 3-Speed Pull Chain speed Switch with Black wire in "L" labeled L-3-1-2 (CCW)
ZE-268S6 (Aqua/Black) replaces 3-speed ceiling fan speed switches labeled L-3-1-2 (CCW)$6.80
You probably need a ZE-268S6 if a switch from Home Depot, Menards, or Lowes doesn't work right!
ZE-268S6 internal switch connections: Off=L-nothing; High=L-1; Medium=L-2&3; Low=L-3
ZE-268S6 Zing Ear replaces riveted-together ZE-208S6-A09, Sun-Lite SL-A-300, and KTE3089T Circuit M switches
ZE-268S6 fits: Casa Blanca (Menards), Hampton Bay (Home Depot), Harbor Breeze (Lowes), Hunter fans
ZE-268S6 replaces pull chain switch in many private label (store brand) ceiling fans made by Crest Fan
ZE-268S6 replaces Well Tec, Wu Pin, Shine Top 3-speed 4-Hole Fan Speed Switches labeled L-3-1-2 (CCW) with black wire into "L"
ZE-208S6-A09ZE-268S6ZE-268S6Contact in ZE-208S6ZE-208S5-1T 

Posted 2015-12-08T14:36:58+0000  by FLHomeowner
I tried to replace the Hampton Bay 3-speed fan switch with the Westinghouse one.
As it was posted above, it doesn't turn the fan off.
Tried to order replacement from, but they require an order of wires on the old switch to choose the right replacement. Unfortunately, the old switch is lost.
I wonder, if anybody can help me to identify the fan's model (no stickers found) or order of wires on the old 4-wires switch for this model.
Thank you
Posted 2016-07-19T21:38:34+0000  by genep
My speed switch went out as well.  Since I have had this hooked up to a dimmer switch (10 years or so) to control the fan anyway, I bypassed the switch.  I capped the purple and brown wires, and twisted the black and yellow wire together.  This seems to have the effect of "selecting" the highest speed setting and feeding that back to the motor (black wire).  It is back to working, and as usual I control the speed with the dimmer switch.
Posted 2017-01-01T00:42:11+0000  by DIYDad
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