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Hampton Bay ceiling fan speed switch replacement not working out

I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with light kit.  I don't know the UPC or model number.   It's a close-mounted, ceiling hugger model.  It has a Hampton Bay sticker on the switch housing and a Date Code JJF-4 sticker on the inside of the housing.  It was in the house when I bought it.


A few days ago the speed control chain broke off inside the switch.  I went to my local Home Depot and bought a Westinghouse 77021 3-speed switch as a replacement.  (When the chain broke, the fan was on Medium speed and continued to run at that speed until I shut off the power to do the switch replacement.)


I followed the instructions carefully, noting the colors of wire that went to each terminal on the old switch and using them with the new switch.  They were (surprisingly) L-purple, 1-gray, 2-brown, 3-black.  I really figured that the L would be black and I've seen postings on line that mention that as the usual thing.


The fan does not run with the switch installed as indicated above.  I hear a hum on one switch setting, but not on the others.


I got out a continuity checker and notice that the black wire has 110v AC relative to ground.  Nothing on the others.


I tried turning on the circuit breaker and making contact between two wires at a time in all combinations.  I noted a spark each time I would touch the black wire to one of the others.  No spark between any other combination.


I put the checker on the uninstalled switch and traced the continuity as I operated the switch.  If I use the L as the main terminal, continuity goes from naught to 1 then 2 then 3 then naught as I pull the chain.  There is never any continuity between any numbered pair.


I tried being my own switch.  I turned on the circuit breaker then made quick and careful contact between various pairs of wires.  When gray, brown, or purple contacted black, I'd get a small spark but no motion of the blades.  Occasionaly I'd hear a hum.


Please advise.


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Posted 2012-04-15T01:21:43+0000  by bfotk bfotk
Westinghouse two capacitor, three speed fan switch (pt# 77288) worked great on my fan.

Hampton Bay 32” Minuet II Fan
Model: 175 182
UPC 718167008301

Posted 2018-09-22T20:40:51+0000  by dakingus
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