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Hampton Bay ceiling fans light does not go off

Hi, I have a wireless remote for a Hampton bay ceiling fan and the light does not go off at all it is always on,  all other functions work.  Please help me figure out why the light will not go off.

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Posted 2011-05-11T20:01:21+0000  by federicocamacho federicocamacho

Hi Federicocamacho, I’m Blake from the California office. I hope I can help solve this problem.


If you have previously been able to turn off the lights with your remote control, then either the remote or the receiver is broken.


The other possibility is that your remote reciever was not correctly wired in the first time and that somehow the reciever was bypassed and the light kit hot line was connected directly to your homes incoming hot line. 


In either case the following should clear up your problems:


We sell a replacement remote and reciever in a package as a Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Kit. This kit comes with both a new remote and receiver.


The first step is to see if the remote was faulty.


-Open the battery cover of your remote control, under the battery will be a set of dip-switches


-Match the dip switch code from your old remote to the new remote


-Test to see if the lights can be turned off

If the lights are still stuck on at this point it is time to replace the receiver.


-Shut off the circuit breaker and mark the circuit breaker panels as being serviced do not tamper with; let everyone in the house know you are working on electrical and they should not touch the breaker panel


-Test the fan with a voltage detector to insure that no power remains in the junction box or fan


-Set the dip switches on the new receiver to match the code set on your remote


-Pull down the canopy and remove the old remote receiver (take a digital picture of how the wires connect it may help)


-Wire in the new receiver


-Replace the canopy


-Restore power and give it a test!


This should solve your problem federicocamacho.



Posted 2011-05-12T00:22:12+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hello federicomacho I am an electrician working at a Depot in the burbs of Chicago. I go by elect_answers, my name is Ralph. I have heard your concern many times. Sometimes the electronics controlling a fan only lose the fan, sometimes the light kit stay on, sometimes always off.

 The simplest solution is to replace the set of electronics that control the fan. Depot sells several options, starting from small , fits in the palm of your hand, to fairly large with a thermostat included in the unit. (Of course the options add to the price, but many people I have spoken to were glad they spent the money.)

 As always safety first, turn off the power to the fan before you start making changes.  Here is a picture of what both halves of a remote look like.


As you can see power from your world is connected on 1 side and power to the fan is connected on the other. The dip / sliding switches that allow multiple fans to live your world, and be controlled separately are in plain sight The wire on the bottom is the antenna for the remote to "talk" to the fan, leaving some of it out side the canopy will help increase range of control.


A tester like this one will help make sure the power is off before you start electrical work. It is started by pressing the yellow button on the end, above the clip. The end of the tester glows green, it is ready to use. When you touch it to an insulated wire, if the power is on it will make a noise and change color to red. You now know that it is not safe to continue disconnecting wires. 

  Hope this helps, we are here to help?


Posted 2011-05-12T00:41:50+0000  by elect_answers


I had this exact problem. I bought two Home Decorator fans from Home Depot and installed them in separate rooms in my house. They have LED lights. I know for a fact that I wired them right because the model fan in Home Depot fan was wired the same and my remote worked perfectly with that fan. Both fans at my house had the same issue of the light not turning all the way off but dimming worked and fan speeds worked. LONG story short, I had another fan in the Master Bedroom that was turned on. When I turned the power to that fan off (wall switch toggled to off), both of the new fans worked!!! Now I need to figure out how to wire the Master bedroom fan correctly (9 wires in one box) but at least I know what the issue was!

Posted 2015-07-14T17:08:17+0000  by DIsTheMan
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