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Hampton Bay extension downrod

Just recently purchased the Hampton Bay Garrison 52in and need a downrod. I have looked for downrods made by Harrison bay and have no luck. What brand of downrod will work with this fan; Hampton Bay Garrison?

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Posted 2012-07-01T14:55:33+0000  by kay14 kay14

Good morning kay14,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Congrats on your new beautiful Garrison 52 in. ceiling fan! The great news is that most downrods that The Home Depot sells fit a majority of  Hampton Bay ceiling fans, you'll just need to get the right color and length for your ceiling. All of our fans come with 54" of lead wires, so if you need a longer downrod than that, just remember to grab extra wire while you are there in the store. The color, Gunmetal, is shown in more detail below....


Hampton Bay Garrison


The color is very similar to our brushed steel or brushed nickel family of downrods. The best thing for you to do to make sure it matches closely is to take a part of the fan into the store and compare it directly.


Unfortunately, with all the makes and models of ceiling fans we carry, its very hard to get the specific color due to what we carry in stock. However, all of our downrods will closely match or resemble the finish of all fans we sell. As for the brand, whether it is Westinghouse, Hunter, or our old Fantec brands, all downrods we sell at our store come in 3/4" diameter, which is standard for all ceiling fans today.


Fortunately, we carry more downrods online than we do in the store...I already checked and we don't carry Gunmetal...but again you can find a finish that closely resembles your fan. 


As for your length that you need, refer to this handy chart below to see what will be the best downrod for you.

downrod chart


I hope this has helped you out, and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.



Posted 2012-07-02T13:49:14+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hello kay14, I just wanted to add this little note.


If you do purchase a downrod and the wires are too short you will want to use Heat-Shrink Tubing to secure the splices.  It will give you the best connection.


You will find it at your local Home Depot


SKU # 950660





$1.97 /EA-Each

Posted 2012-07-04T13:46:31+0000  by AAriondo

Sadly AAJ is not quite correct. With some Hampton Bay fans. For example the Hunter down rod Home Depot sells does not work with the 60/52" Hampton Bay Pilot fan.


The Hunter down rod pin hole is further away from the threaded end of the down rod than the Hampton Bay down rod. Thus the pin can't be used to secure the down rod.  


Frustratingly you can't order a Hampton Bay down rod at the special order desk or on-line despite the fact that Home Depot owns Hampton Bay.




 - Steve


Posted 2012-10-20T23:18:45+0000  by stevepierce
I just bought a Hampton Bay Altura 68" Ceiling Fan. It comes with an 18" down rod. My ceilings are 20" high so I need an down rod extension. Will the Hunter 72" down rod extension that Home Depot sells work?
Posted 2013-04-20T22:09:35+0000  by Jeff1960

Unfortunately, the answer given is not correct...Hunter downrods are not easily interchangeable with Hampton Bay fans. The diameter is the same, but the setscrew diameters and hole locations (distances from end of rod) where the downrod ties into the ball assembly are different.


The two setscrews that come with the Hampton Bay fan are larger than the holes in the Hunter rods. The holes in the Hunter rods are approximately 4 mm diameter, but no screws come with the rods. My local "has everything" hardware store could not provide screws that correctly fit in those threaded holes so I will have to tap them myself.


This refers to these two exact barcodes:

Hampton Bay fan 082392510916

Hunter downrod 049694260222

Both items were purchased at Home Depot

Posted 2013-06-11T15:33:26+0000  by swoop

So what do we do if we need a downrod for a Hampton Bay fan?


We have two different models, I'd be happy to get a 24" downroad for either one. I'd be willing to exchange one of the fans for a similar model for which I can get a downrod.


- Hawkins - tarnished bronze

- Wellston - oil rubbed bronze


KW 8/27/13

Posted 2013-08-27T17:04:38+0000  by KWell

We bought 4 Hampton Bay fan lights for our new house.  Only option available in 4 different HD stores in our area were Hunter downrods.  We have worked with our electricians and local lighting company.  Hunter downrods DO NOT work on Hampton Bay fans.  Had to special order online and wait 10 days for shipping and now have to pay extra fee for electricians to come back.  Very frustrating that HD doesn't carry downrods for the Hampton Bay products they carry in their stores. 

Posted 2014-01-17T16:05:11+0000  by KKnapp

Hi, where on-line were you able to special order the downrods for the Hampton Bay fans?  Unfortunately I find myself in the same boat you were in.



Posted 2014-02-05T05:35:55+0000  by asapjim

I bought them online through Home Depot.  The Hampton Bay fans I bought were bronze, but the "matching" downrods through the website were called "French Beige."  They did work and matched fine. 

Posted 2014-02-05T14:10:45+0000  by KKnapp
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