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Hampton Bay fan light turns ON for no reason in the middle of the night.

My husband and I just moved into a home with Hampton Bay ceiling fans. We love them...except for one thing. The light on the fan in our bedroom turns ON in the middle of the night without anyone touching anything. When I turn it off on the remote it turns off but then 20 minutes later the light is on full blast again. We don't have very good air conditioning so we rely on the fan to keep us cool but it's impossible when the light is turning on in the middle of the night. The strange thing is that it doesn't happen during the day, only at night. I have read through the manual many times but cannot find a reason for this. I thought maybe it had to do with the light delay button or the light timer but both turn the light off, not on. Please help! It's 4:30 am and I still haven't slept!

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Posted 2011-05-31T09:37:40+0000  by lisakapisa7 lisakapisa7

Hey Lisakapisa7,


Your problem is very interesting and I can’t wait to help you solve it!


First I need to know about the fan. Your Hampton Bay fan is wired with a remote control, correct? Is it a Hampton Bay brand remote? Hampton Bay remotes that come with their fans look like this. It could also be black instead of white.

fan remote.jpg


If you don’t have this remote take off the back panel of the remote (where the batteries go) and find a model number or brand name for me.


What kind of switch do you have on the wall for the fan? Is it just a regular on/switch or a dimmer/fan control?


What kind of bulbs are you using?


Does the other fan in the house use a remote? If so is it the same kind as the one in your bedroom?


Is the light delay button and timer a feature on the remote or do you have a built in timer switch on the wall?


I can’t think of anymore questions, haha, sorry there are so many. The problem could be many different things so we need to narrow it down. Let me know.-Gregg

Posted 2011-06-01T13:04:17+0000  by gotogregg

Hi Gregg,


I just moved into a new home that has these lights and am facing the same problem.


I am not sure what sort of light bulbs it is using (too high up to check) but the Model # is UC087T. We have regular switches on the wall to control the lights, as well. The remote features the fan/light delay buttons.


Can you help?


Posted 2012-09-03T14:35:44+0000  by mamamink
JUST KIDDING - we do not have separate switches. We control the fans/lights through the remote only. THANKS!
Posted 2012-09-03T14:37:07+0000  by mamamink
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