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Hampton Bay fan works, light stopped working

I have a Hampton Bay fan that was installed in 2002.  Recently the lights stopped working, although the fan still works.  Light kit has both top and bottom lights.  We've replaced bulbs - what else can we try?


Vendor #11289

Model # AC-552AL "nn"

SN# 002143



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Posted 2013-06-18T01:57:02+0000  by jdufort jdufort

The first thing I would check would be to ensure than you're getting power to the light sockets.  A non-contact voltage tester is very useful in this application.  They look like a penlight and glow (some also buzz) when the get close to a electrical source.  Lots of companies make them - Fluke, Greenlee, Klein and they're not expensive.  Stick in in the socket with the light turned on and see if you have any power.


Report back what you find.

Posted 2013-06-18T02:52:12+0000  by Adam444

Hi, Jdufort.

if you can get the 12 digit UPC off the top of the motor housing we can confirm which unit you have and get you on the line with technical support and the parts line to resolve. I have attached a picture of the sticker for your ease of locating.

If you cannot find the UPC, please give our Hampton Bay Customer Service team a call at 877-527-0313. You will then need to email the agent you speak with a picture of your fan so they can attempt to ID, then proceed with getting you to tech support.


- Nicki

Posted 2013-06-18T14:03:51+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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