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Hampton Bay fan/light remote turns off light automatically?

Hello everyone...


I recentlly bought a house that had (what looks like) an older Hampton Bay wall-mounted fan remote. When the master switch was turned on, the light turned on. The green light button wouldn't turn it off. The fan controls worked fine.


I assumed the light button was worn, so I bought a new kit - model number 191-207. It looks just like the old one, except it lacks a "reverse" button. I wasn't too concerned about that.


Yesterday, I installed both the new remote and the new receiver above the fan.


When I turned the breaker back on and turned on the remote master switch, everything was off. The fan speeds work perfectly. I pressed the light button, and - hooray! - the light turned on. But about 20 seconds later, the light turned itself off. I did this a whole bunch of times. I used a stopwatch and the time isn't consistent - anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two.


I've rechecked all the wiring connections - they're solid and correct. I've changed the DIP switches on the remote (and, yes, the receiver) to multiple matching combinations, and it makes no difference. I tried CFL bulbs instead of standard bulbs - no change. There's a fifth switch - up for normal bulbs with dimming, or down for on/off only for CFLs. Again, no change with either setting or either kind of bulb.


I have no other fan remotes in the house. Our house is 1925 brick and not very transmitter-friendly (my wifi only works within a foot outside the house), so I highly doubt it's interference from a neighbor.


Does anyone have an idea? Any idea? (The customer service line says my call is very important to them, but not so important as to have Saturday house.)


Thanks in advance.

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Posted 2013-05-04T17:39:04+0000  by bundito bundito

Hey bundito,


Welcome to the community!


Sounds like you really did your homework for getting you a new Hampton Bay remote and receiver unit.


I would say the only 2 things you haven't done yet was to check the in and out amps and voltage with a multimeter tester to ensure the receiver and remote is working properly. The other thing I would check on is calling Hampton Bay on their regular M-F times....yes I realize you have to wait.


The only other thing I could possibly see was that you do have a neighbor who has a similar Hampton Bay fan. Whether you have poor Wi-Fi or not, a signal from a ceiling fan remote is stronger than you think. Lots of consumers don't even bother to change the combo on the dip switch. But  if you did'nt do  that, I would rule out the neighbor theory.


Keep us updated on your situation. If at the very least you need to replace both transmitter (the remote) and receiver, it would need to be done.


Contact Hampton Bay during their regular business hours, and update us on your situation.


Best of luck to you,


Posted 2013-06-08T21:59:11+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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