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Hampton Bay globe removal

I have a 52 in Hampton Bay Fan Cabrerra. A bulb is burned out and I cannot get the globe removed to replace the bulb. I have turned the globe clock wise and counter clock wise. When I do the whole assy moves. I do not have the instructions. Any help is appreciated or a place to get a copy of the instruction manual.

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Posted 2011-12-23T03:46:02+0000  by biggrass biggrass

Hello biggrass and thank you for joining The Community.  We are glad that you are here.


Our Hampton Bay team can help you change your light safely.  Call them at 1-877-527-0313 (option 2) and provide the 12 digit UPC code (all numbers – no letters) found on the sticker on top of the motor housing.  This will identify the exact model and manufacturer of the fan.   If you cannot retrieve the code from the top of the motor housing, then send a photo to help identify your ceiling fan. 


The team can also help you get the owners manual / installation instructions for your specific ceiling fan.  Be sure to write the UPC numbers in your manual for future reference. 


Best wishes and thank you for joining the discussions.


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Posted 2011-12-23T13:56:37+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Thank you for the info. I called the number and got the websiteof the manufacturer which had the instruction manual on line at their website. Happy holidays. Dave

Posted 2011-12-23T19:53:28+0000  by biggrass

Perhaps instead of stocking this product line, Home Depot can do its customers a favor and stop selling Hampton Bay products.  They clearly fail, and do so in every possible way. 


The light bulb can't be conveniently changed, without risk to the glass globe covering it?  Are you frigging kidding me? 


I can't remove the glass globe either. 


Wretched product.

Posted 2012-03-28T05:46:58+0000  by GoNavy

Hello GoNavy and welcome to The Community.  We are glad that you are here.


With your permission, I will have our Customer Care Team contact you to help you with your ceiling fan issue and removing the glass globe.


Thank you for joining the discussions.

Posted 2012-03-30T19:33:40+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

I agree.  This is ridiculous.  I am going to hurt myself just to change a light bulb.  I have had great satisfaction with the several Hampton Bay fans I have, however, this one is difficult and its in my kitchen where I NEED light.  What can I do?


Posted 2012-04-30T22:45:47+0000  by enigma007

Hello enigma007 and thank you for joining The Community.


I am sending your information to our Customer Care Team to help you with the ceiling fan light bulb issue.


Thank you for joining the discussions.

Posted 2012-05-01T13:11:19+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Hi, Enigma.

I understand your frustration & I apologize the removal of the shade has caused the problem.

A few of our Hampton Bay fans have glass/globes that are twist on/twist off, this happens to be one of them.


For detailed advice on the removal, I just spoke to the tech support department for this fan. They advise you to place both hands on the globe/glass, slowly twist the globe to left, & lightly pull down to remove. You should hear a sound that indicates the globe is 'unlocking' from the fan.


If you have need more advice on the removal of the globe or to purchase any replacement parts/tech support needs, please feel free to reach out to them direct. They are called King of Fans, 1-800-330-3267 & they will ask you for the UPC of your fan to assist. Your UPC is 082392613754.


Please email me if you have any more questions that I can assist with. :)


- Nicki (

Posted 2012-05-01T13:46:34+0000  by THDCustomerCare

What if your globe has clips holding it in place?   I tried turning it to the left but the clips were holding it in place.    Is it safe to pull it out?  

Posted 2014-01-06T01:34:39+0000  by maddog57
I had the unfortunate luck of purchasing a home with this model Hampton Bay fan installed. I spoke to everyone per the Home Depot boards and the best I got was a "huh, that doesn't sound right" when I explained how the globe couldn't be removed. I finally had to bust the globe and, even then, then rim portion was still stuck. Talk about not taking pride in your work! Hampton Bay seems to have corner-cutting down to an art! 

I'll be avoiding Hampton Bay fans from now on and I strongly suggest you do the same. As there is no actual support for their products, you're just as well off buying second hand at a discount because, even buying new from Home Depot, you're rolling the dice as to whether or not something is going to go wrong. 
Posted 2015-01-17T19:46:24+0000  by blaxabbath
I have the same problem with my Hampton Bay ceiling fan. I haven't had ceiling light in my bedroom for about half a year. How are you going to help me with this issue?
Posted 2015-12-07T02:45:50+0000  by cryingsam
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