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Hampton Bay remote ceiling fan will not switch to High speed

I'm renting a house and the fan is a Hampton Bay remote fan. The lights work and I can turn the fan on and off; however the fan will not increase its speed when I hit the button. I hear clicking in the motor when attempting to cycle between the 3 speeds but no change in blade velocity. I don't know the model or how old it is. Any help would be appreciated before I resort to contacting the landlord.
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Posted 2015-06-07T21:33:11+0000  by Grfxmunkey Grfxmunkey
Hello grfxmunkey.  Welcome to the Community1

Let me start with a dumb question.  Is there a pair of pull chain switches on the fan in addition to the remote control?  If so then the fan pull switch needs to be set on high speed for the remote to work properly.

If there is no set of pull switches, then while it is possible that there is a bad capacitor, the fact that it is the high speed that does not work leads me to believe that the receiver has gone bad.

In any event, because this is an issue for your landlord, I can give you the Hampton Bay customer service team information for you to pass on:  You will need to have the UPC code for the fan, which is located on a label on top of the motor housing, facing up.


Posted 2015-06-09T15:25:41+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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