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Hampton Bay universal wireless ceiling fan remote will not fully extinguish new LED bulbs on my fan.

I have been using a Hampton Bay universal wireless remote system for many years on our Master Bedroom ceiling fan with light kit.  The remote still works great--for the most part.  Fan controls are still fine, thermostatic feature works fine, dimming of lights feature works fine.  BUT, when I recently opted to change the old incandescent bulbs to efficient LED bulbs (that I of course bought at Home Depot), the remote will no longer fully extinguish the bulbs.  The bulbs when turned "off" continue to glow.  It is not a matter of a glow that eventually fades to black, but rather a glow that continues without change until they are turned back on.  While this would be a nice nightlight feature for some, we require a nice dark room, so this is not really a feature we want.  The current solution is to have to reach up and use the pull chain switch to turn the lights fully off.  I assume there is still a small amount of current available to light the LEDs for some reason, that was never enough to light up incandescent bulbs.  Is there something that can be done to remedy this, including using a new Hampton Bay universal wireless remote?  Please help.

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Posted 2016-11-01T15:17:13+0000  by Halpeno Halpeno
You are correct in assuming that the controller in the fan is allowing a tiny amount of electricity through, enough to cause an LED to glow.  The only solution would be to replace the receiver/controller with one that's compatible with LED lights.  I'd suggest giving Hampton Bay a call to see if they have something available.  You'll need the UPC of the fan, typically on the upper part of the motor housing.

Posted 2016-11-01T16:24:29+0000  by Adam444
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