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Hampton bay remote - need replacement + code (can't view receiver) UC70778T

See above - ceiling fan is mounted @ 30 ft and can't read the settings. Code on back of remote is UC707 8T

settings may have been switched while installing battery - but the remote appears dead. 

Are the set codes for fans ? Ours is a four light. Thanks. 

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Posted 2014-01-04T00:13:53+0000  by dflennik dflennik

Hey dflennik,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


If your receiver can be entired removed from the fan via the canopy (the area that comes in contact with the ceiling), then you can replace it entirely with any universal remote/receivers sold at our store. If the receiver is under the motor, you'll need to contact Hampton Bay directly.


If you moved the code while changing the battery, you'll need to remember how it was set. Fans are never 'set' or placed in a particular make it. That's why I've seen lots of customers either write the sequence on the inner part of the battery slide cover or write it down on a notepad.


I say you may need to replace the receiver and remote only if you can't get the proper sequence. Since you'd have to get up the 30 ft. to view the receiver for the proper sequence, it would be a good idea to have a replacement remote/receiver just in case the old receiver does indeed fail.

Ceiling Fan Remote Control

I know this isn't the answer you want to hear, but its the only surefire way of getting your fan working again. Try the sequences as mentioned earlier, and then get a replacement only if that doesn't work. As stated earlier, you can contact Hampton Bay if you encounter that type of receiver in your fan.



Keep us updated on your progress, and I hope this information has assisted you,



Posted 2014-01-04T19:06:00+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thanks Joseph for the complete message.  I appreciate the detail of your response. 

Posted 2014-01-05T18:04:19+0000  by dflennik
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