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Hand Made Wreaths


Boxwood Wreath

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Click here to view how Christmas wreaths are made by the millions!

Have you ever looked taken a look at the wreaths at the Home Depot and wondered if they were made by hand?  Did you think that they must be made by a machine.  There is no way a person, a human, could make this many...right?


I have to admit, I thought the same.


A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit a family farm that supplies to Home Depot where, 3 million wreaths are made by hand.  It was quite impressive and I thought to share a bit of the experience with you.  Take a look!


Wreaths are a known to be a part of Christmas.  Decorations are not complete without a wreath at the front door. History states that wreaths are made from evergreens, to symbolize strength.  Many types of evergreens, such as pine, fir and cedar will last even in the most severe weather.  A wreath is made from twisting greens, twigs, berries, pine cones in a circle and completing it with a bow.



Traditional Balsam Wreaths


This year, choose a wreath with meaning:


  • Holly – Is the ruler of winter with thorns, berries and shiny green leaves
  • Balsam – Traditional and the most fragrant
  • Cedar- Strength and healing, known for long lasting
  • White Pine – Long lasting, soft and graceful looking
  • Boxwood – Classic and Hardy



Decorated wreath


Uses for wreaths:


  • Place one or several on any door with a wreath hanger and a bow.
  • Garnish each window with a smaller wreath to match.
  • Decorate with a HUGE wreath on a barn, garage or open space on the house.
  • Interior wreaths may be placed above a fireplace, on a mirror or door.
  • Use a smaller wreath as a candle holder, perhaps a centerpiece.
  • Give as gifts, to clients or friends.
  • Memorial – place on headstone or at a grave.


What do you do with your wreath?  Upload your ideas or photos, we would love to see them.

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