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Hanging Wallpaper

I have purchased  "The Wallpaper Company 56 sq.ft. Brown Leopard Print Wallpaper

Model # WC1283004".  I have never hung wallpaper before.  The instructions say for ease of removal to paint the walls with a wallpaper primer.  Is this really necessary?  The walls were painted with Behr and Valspar Satin.  When it is time to remove the paper, I do not want the problems I have read on this site!

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Posted 2012-03-19T18:58:43+0000  by HMT HMT

Thank you.  As always - the better the preparation the better the job!

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Posted 2012-03-19T20:43:44+0000  by HMT




The pre-papering wall prep products are like an insurance policy. They assure that the wall is sufficiently sealed, and that the wall has "tooth".  The wall being well sealed will definitely affect how well that wallpaper will remove years down the road. The "tooth" affects how the paper lays down and how the seams stay together as the paste slowly dries. A too slick wall surface is a detriment to good wallpaper hanging, although it is a sign that the wall is sealed.


The cellulose paste  pre-pasted papers are quite slippery and slimey. The "tooth" given by the wall-prep product will give you additional adhesion , as it controls the slide of the paper.


Years ago, wallpaper always came with the advice to paint the wall with a FLAT sheen  oil paint. Today, there are many pre-papering wall prep products that are water based and can be papered over after only an hour or two.

Trust me, you will reap the advantage of the pre-prep as you hang the paper and as you take it down years from now!

Posted 2012-03-19T19:39:12+0000  by ordjen

I went to my local Home Depot.  They did not know what I was talking about when I asked for the pre-papering wall prep products.  I told the paint person about the 'tooth'.  She suggested I buy Gripper brand of all-purpose stain killer.  Is this what I use?  If no, where do I buy the pre-papering wall prep products?

Posted 2012-03-21T23:24:18+0000  by HMT



Unfortunately, with the lessening of wallcovering popularity in the last few years, such wallpapering prep products are not always found in  HD stores. They can be found at : WWW.HomeDepot.Com under "primers" . The Zinsser Company makes" Shieldz Clear Wallcovering Primer/Sealer" and also "Shieldz White Based Wallcovering Primer". The clear version is easier to use because you don't have to be  so concerned with getting white roller  spatter around. Both give you that "tooth" of which I spoke, as well as assuring that the wall is well sealed.


Wallcovering sales have fallen in many parts of the country with the advent of textured walls in newer homes. Heavy textures don't lend themselves to wallpaper as the texture tends to show through the paper.


The rise in the popularity of faux and specialty finishes has also cut into wallcovering sales.

Posted 2012-03-22T03:41:21+0000  by ordjen
I have been ready a lot about hanging wallpaper. Some DIY sites talk about using Zinsser PrepZ instead of the ShieldZ. A lot of sites recommend using the ShieldZ only. May I assume you are of the later camp? What is the advantage of PrepZ? If it "eliminates the need for messy water trays", does this mean I do not wet the wallpaper? This seems a strange way of doing things.
Thank you!!
Posted 2012-03-23T02:38:45+0000  by HMT




I am not familiar with Zinsser PrepZ. I don't even  find it on their website. The ShieldZ products will give you adhesion to an already painted surface .The Clear version would be easier to apply. You do not need the pigmented version to blank out some wild colored background which might show through the paper. Although, the pigmented version will work too.

Posted 2012-03-23T04:58:25+0000  by ordjen
Since you originally asked, HMT, the primary product we recommend to prime walls before wallpaper is Zinsser 123.

This water-based primer will create a seal on the wall which allows the paper to easily stick, but also prevents the wall from damage when you re-wet the paper for removal years in the future.

Priming is strongly recommended before paper.
Posted 2015-12-03T22:16:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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