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Hanging a heavy mirror on a wall with no studs...

Help!  I have a beautiful, antique mirror I inherited that I want to hang on a wall in our family room.   It weighs about 60 lbs.  Unfortunately I have just discovered that the wall I want to hang it on has no studs.  My husband (who has lived in our house since the 1970s) told me that when he first moved in, the layout was open architecture for the family room and kitchen area.  He wanted the kitchen to be closed off so he hired a contractor to build a wall between the kitchen and family room.  It turns out that the contractor only built a frame onto which he placed the drywall, but no studs whatsoever.


I am hesitant to hang the mirror on the wall since there will be no studs supporting it.  Do I need to tear out a portion of the drywall, install a stud and then replace the drywall?  Or is there an easier way?  I was thinking that I could get a 2x4 or other length of wood and attach it horizontally to the wall, making sure it is anchored to the studs on the outer edges of the walls, then hang the mirror from the wood.  I could paint the wood and maybe add some crown molding, but I don't think it would look as nice as just having a mirror hanging on the wall by itself.


Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Posted 2013-10-30T22:43:48+0000  by GeekyGirl GeekyGirl

You can compare some types of drywall anchors and probably get it fixed in place, but eventually the weight will compress the drywall and lead to damage. Your best bet would be a version of your horizontal 2x4 idea: cut a horizontal stripe in the sheetrock the size of the support, and fix it to the existing studs with some 90 deg brackets, so it sits flush with the wall (this may require cutting some hand-sized holes in the wall's opposite side to allow access to sink the bolts). A little mud and some paint, you should have a hanger strip that blends right in. Alternately, some eyebolts drilled into the existing studs with some type of chain/cable could suspend the mirror (a little creativity should make it a unique bit of decor) with some drywall-anchored screws to hold the mirror fulsh with the wall and prevent any knocking or swinging from light bumps. Hope this helps, good luck!

Posted 2013-10-31T03:17:27+0000  by SethB
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