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Hanging a rug on a wall

Need to know what is the best way to hang an 5ft x 7ft area rug on the wall?

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Posted 2012-05-18T03:28:30+0000  by ejrfea ejrfea
Hello ejrfea!

Jay has taken on a new role at The Home Depot, but we're happy to follow-up on the thread!

Hiding the mounting screws will help maintain your wool rug as a focal point in your design.

This is fairly easy if you use a Key Hole Router Bit and Key Hole Hangers.

This bit "plunges" into the backer board and slides toward the top to cut a mounting hole inside the board ... hiding the mounting screws.

The Key Hole Hangers will make secure mounting points for screws.

I hung an antique wool rug using this technique, measuring and attaching mounting screws into the framing studs behind the sheet rock.

Framing studs are commonly installed at sixteen-inch intervals.

Use a stud finder to precisely locate the studs and test-fit the screw heads to ensure they slide easily into the key holes.

French Cleat Picture Hanger may be even easier than cutting Key Holes.

Use your stud finder to locate studs and anchor the hanger to the wall.

Then attach the second part of the hanger to the rug support.

Several hangers may be required to support the weight of your rug.

When done, please take time to post photos of your solution.

Posted 2014-09-02T18:59:25+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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