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Hanging curtains on plaster wall

I have been trying to hang a curtain rod on the wall in my living room. The wall is made of plaster. Using an anchor did not work, the plaster crumbled around it and the bracket for the curtain fell out. It was a mess. 

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Posted 2012-10-16T01:29:41+0000  by Renter Renter

Hello and thank you for joining our How-to-Community.


You may want to try to move up your mounting brackets a bit. You probably ended placing your anchor in between the wood laths. Laths are narrow strips of wood that are nailed horizontally across the wall studs. Basically lath is what’s locking up plaster in place.


Goal is to screw mounting brackets in to one of these wood strips or in to the stud. If this curtain rod is going above the window, than you also try to move your bracket over to the side so that they are in line with the vertical window frame .An 1” inch from the edge of the window framing there should be a stud on the each side of the window.


Your last resort is to use butterfly anchors or what they also call toggle bolts. These anchors have wings that expand and support the bolt behind the wall.


Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to post back with any additional questions or comments you may have.



Posted 2012-10-16T16:54:42+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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