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Hanging large frameless mirror from ceiling

Hd enthusiasts,
So i have a frameless backless vintage mirror approx 6' x 4' id like to attach to a wall in my home. The only wall option presents obstacles which are a thermostat and door bell. No i can't. So what to do..
I was thinking of building a box of sorts..sides with 1×6's, piece of plywoid on the top and gluing the mirror to the plywoid so it could stand up on its side and the 6" allowance for the therm and db. Or is this too complicated..any other suggestions would be so appreciated.

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Posted 2017-12-04T20:49:59+0000  by Spydr Spydr

Hello Spydr and welcome to the Community. 

If you created this box and mounted it over your thermostat, your thermostat would cease to function.  Thermostats monitor the air temperature in a room, box it in and it can not regulate the temperature any more.

You could frame the mirror and suspend it from the ceiling, making sure you secure it to a joist above. 

Or you could mount it to the plywood and use something like a standoff  TV wall mount.  You would have to make sure the TV wall mount is rated to handle that much of weight and extend far enough from the wall.  I would suggest using Heavy Duty Mirror and Picture Hanger instead of glue. 

There may be a way to build out standoffs, like external studs, anchored to the internal wall studs, that would not enclose the thermostat.  I am trying to thinking outside of the box.

Please share what your finally decide on and thanks for the inquiry.


Posted 2017-12-05T18:12:04+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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