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Hanging on a brick wall

I want to hang shadow boxes on a brick wall without damaging the bricks. Please help.

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Posted 2010-12-04T03:24:30+0000  by matt matt

Hello matt,


My name is Christine, and I work at The Home Depot in Atlanta. I totally understand not wanting to damage your brick wall! How heavy are the shadow boxes you would like to hang? If they are more than 5 pounds, unfortunately, you may have to put a tiny hole in the wall.


Let me show you some products that you can use if the shadow boxes are less than 5 pounds.


First off, there are these handy dandy double- sided strips made by Command. They are commonly known as Command strips. They can be found in at your local Home Depot in the hardware department. Here is a picture:




Command strips come in different strengths and styles. When you arrive at the bay with this product, there will be lots to choose from, so chose the one that would be best for you. The neat thing about this product is that it leaves no residue behind and is easy to take off.


The other option you have is to use industrial strength double- sided tape. You can find this in the paint department. Here’s a picture:




This product is a little bit stronger than the Command strips. It will leave behind some residue and it not as easy to take off.


Now, if your shadow boxes are heavier than 5 pounds you may want to consider using Ook hooks. The nails that come with these hooks leave a small hole. There are a few different ones that have nails that are strong enough to go into brick.  


The one below holds up to 30 pounds.  Click here for the details on this product.




There is also one that holds up to 100 pounds. Click here for the details on this one. Here is a picture: 





I hope that one of these options will work for you. 


Let me know if I can help any more with this project, or any other project.



Posted 2010-12-04T14:19:19+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

Christine provided some good advice, but I wouldn't recommend the command strips.  Bricks are usually not completely flat and the strips don't hold as well on non-flat surfaces.  Also, if the boxes are going outside.  I'd be concerned that the strip's adhesive may not hold up.


As for the double-sided tape, if you do use it and need to take it down, a few drops of acetone (nail polish remover) can be dripped behind the shadow boxes and it will loosen the adhesive.  (This should ONLY be used on surfaces like bricks that won't be stained by the acetone.  Never use it on painted surfaces.)  Then, to remove the residue that Christine mentioned, Goof-Off or similar solvents works well.  Don't use paper towels to clean off the residue. The paper tends to tear up on rough surfaces like bricks and leaves behind white junk on the bricks.  Instead, use a cloth rag and don't rub hard.


I hope this helps!

Posted 2010-12-14T00:01:22+0000  by dsp01

Christine, if you refer to the Q&A for the Command products (, you'll find that the strips are not meant for brick walls. They do work well on painted cinder block however.

Posted 2011-03-24T21:26:25+0000  by gdpant

Hi Matt, provide easy to use hooks and hangers that grip on to brick walls removing the need for nails, glue or drilling in to your brick (and they ship internationally). Their hooks can hold 5kg+ (depending on which hook you choose).

Posted 2012-06-04T08:15:58+0000  by jonnyoe

Hi Matt, I’m Ken with The Home Depot, welcome and glad you joined the community. I get this type of question at least once a week. Let me say there are several types of fasteners you can use to complete this job.


First you do not want to drill or nail or screw into the brick. Brick is a soft material and can crack very easily.

What you want to do is use the mortar joint for your fastening application. The mortar joint is much stronger than brick.


Now to determine the fastener of choice depends on how much weight you will place in the shadow boxes.


For lightweight materials you can use lead shields with screws, Red Head poly set plastic anchors, or Buildex polymer plated concrete screw anchors. Yes you will have to drill a hole in the mortar joint using a masonry bit. 


If you have a heavier application you will want to use a Red Head sleeve or wedge anchor. These hold a lot of weight and you can use them in the mortar joint as well.


That way the brick stays nice, you get nice shadow boxes and if you take them down, you can fill in the holes with a mortar joint repair caulk.


So stop by your local Home Depot, go into the hardware department and have an associate show you all the options for your project.


Again glad you joined the community, we look forward to helping you with your other projects.


Posted 2012-06-04T22:53:34+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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