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Hardwood over carpet


I've got a silly question that I cannot find a straightforward answer to online.

I bought a condo which has recently installed carpet throughout the top floor. I would much rather have hardwood floors. I am tempted to not remove the carpet before laying the flooring although I know this is atypical. The reason is for insulation, and because sound transmits easily between floors as it is. I understand the idea that something could theoretically soak through, but I don't feel like that should be a big deterrent. Can somebody tell me why this is bad idea and why it is not commonly done? I am also planning to replace the broom boards and door frames at the same time.

Any advice is appreciated, Thanks!
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Posted 2016-04-17T11:07:12+0000  by Charlieisguile Charlieisguile
Hey Charlieisguile.

It is not commonly done because hardwood floors need to be nailed down or glued. Hardwoods need to have solid subfloors below them. Roofing felt or other flooring vapor barriers will deaden some noise but under no circumstances is it wise to leave the carpet down if you are putting down a hardwood floor.

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Posted 2016-04-17T20:15:12+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
That makes sense, thanks! 
Posted 2016-04-23T14:54:15+0000  by Charlieisguile
That makes sense, thanks! 
Posted 2016-04-23T14:54:18+0000  by Charlieisguile
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