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Hardy ornamental grasses for shady areas zone 6b

What ornamental grasses for shady areas zone 6b does Home Depot carry currently in the Oklahoma City area stores? 
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Posted 2015-08-20T05:56:19+0000  by Bandc Bandc

Hey Bandc.

Is there any way to get this area some more sun? Perhaps half a days worth?

If you were zone 7 or south of it, there might be a few more possibilities. Shade plants are one thing but shade loving ornamental grasses that survive north of zone 7 are another. There are plenty of shade plants that would do well here but not much in the way of grasses.

Other sites may try to lead you to think a grass does well in shade but the truth of the matter is that in 6B, you will need half a day of sun. If this area is in a marsh or wet area, your search has now become much more difficult. I would recommend talking to the plant pro at your local Home Depot and ask them about any possibilities. Another option would be to switch to a shade loving shrub, which would be much more abundant. Something like Skimmia would probably be a good alternative to a grass.

Switching to a shade loving groundcover would even be a more feasible option.

Half a day of sun will give you a couple possibilities for ornamental grasses.I like the possibility of Black Mondo Grass but we need more sun.

Hit me back here and let me know what you think. Give me more details of the space that we are dealing with.

Posted 2015-08-20T18:48:38+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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