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Having problem with Kolher toilet

I just replaced the insides of my Kolher Toilet tank.  The overflow tube was a good 3-4" taller on the Kohler's original tube than any replacement that I could find. The gasket between the tank and bowl was also different. The problem now is the tiolet will not get a complete flush. It is only like a half flush even if I hold down the lever. Do Kolher tiolets take special kits and if so what one does it take.



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Posted 2011-06-23T15:11:59+0000  by dkravens dkravens



Hi dkravens, this is Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man. Welcome to the community.

Kohler designs the internal parts of their toilets, to assure maximum performance. Using aftermarket parts may degrade the performance and result in the problems you are having.


While some aftermarket parts will work, the only way to regain the original performance of your toilet is to install factory original parts.


At The Home depot we carry many of the original Kohler parts, and you can buy replacement parts for any Kohler toilet at I have included the link below.

I hope this answers your question



Posted 2011-06-23T17:38:47+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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