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Heat Lamp Light Bulb Safety

Good afternoon all,


Joseph here today to talk about the type of light bulb that gets a lot of use this time of year...the heat lamp light bulb.


We sell heat lamp light bulbs in 3 forms: the clear 125-Watt, the clear 250-Watt, and the Red 250-Watt. While these kinds of light bulbs get used quite a bit this season, be aware of not exceeding the socket's wattage rating in whatever fixture you put these in.



Be aware that these bulbs work great as long as you remember and take safety precautions before using them.


In the video below, I talk about things such as not exceeding your fixtures wattage to using accessories such as plug-in timers if the heat lamp is used in a rated socket that can handle these types of light bulbs.


Clicking on the image below will take you straight to the video.




Be safe and be warm out there this winter! 




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Posted 2011-12-03T18:06:27+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL