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Height at which to hang island pendants lights?

I'm replacing the 3 mini pendants over my kitchen island but I'm not sure they were at the correct height to begin with.  What's the standard measurement from the countertop to the bottom of the pendant?

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Posted 2012-03-30T16:05:58+0000  by gen715 gen715

Hello gen715 and welcome to The Community! We are glad that you are here.


A good “general” rule to follow for hanging pendants over a kitchen island ranges between 30-40 inches from the bottom of the pendant to the top of the island countertop (around 5-1/2 to 6 feet from the floor). 


The best height for your kitchen island can be determined after you take into consideration several factors:


* the height of those using the countertop: A taller family member standing at the island may end up staring into the lights or have his/her view obstructed when conversing if the pendant height is too low. 


* the activities around the kitchen island: Is this a cooking and food preparation only area?  Will children be doing their homework at this station and have sufficient light from the pendants? Will the family be seated on stools eating breakfast together?   Is there an attached bar or additional height space associated with the kitchen island?


* pendant design: A mini-pendant that has a large, wide shape may need to be placed higher than a smaller, narrower pendant.


Start with the general rule and adapt to your needs.  It is often helpful to have several family members available while the installer holds the pendant at various heights (usually adjusting within a few inches) to get the optimum height for your family.  The few minutes spent in determining the best pendant hanging height for your family will be worth the effort and bring years of enjoyment in the kitchen.


Best wishes on you project!

Posted 2012-03-30T17:59:24+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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