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Help! Bedroom Gray (Behr Evaporation) Looks Blue!!

I am hoping someone will be able to help me with this costly mistake. I wanted a blueish/gray color for the living room and a light gray (with no hues of blue) for our bedroom. I chose Behr's Light Drizzle for the living room and although it was more blueish (and less gray) than I wanted, I was happy with the color.

HOWEVER, the "light gray" that I chose for the bedroom, Behr's Evaporation, looks EXACTLY the same as our living room color. It is VERY perplexing and frustrating to me because when I tested a large square of the Evaporation (bedroom color) paint, it looks very gray to me and I was actually worried it might be a bit too dark and too gray for the look I was going for.

Now it literally looks like I have the same color in both the living room and bedroom, which I HATE. Although we used a paint and primer in one, both rooms were recently (within the past 2 weeks) painted a neutral color (light beige). 

PLEASE - what can I do to make the bedroom color more gray??
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Posted 2015-06-15T14:51:29+0000  by Jackie112 Jackie112
Hi Jackie112,

Take your original paint can back to the store and have the paint associates check for paint formula to make sure it's the proper formula for the color you chose, if it was mixed improperly they will re-tint it or replace the paint for you.

If the paint is the right formula, then your only option to lighten up the color in the bedroom is to repaint it a lighter color.


Posted 2015-06-15T21:55:52+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hello Jackie112, 

Thank you for your question! 

Even though the color you chose for the living room looks different than the bedroom color on the paint chips, it is a possibility that they will look similar on the walls because of the different lighting in each room. Lighting plays a huge role in how paint looks. Certain types of lighting and colors that are already present in the room will make the color look different. Sometimes it's a small difference, and sometimes is a huge difference. 

Gray is such a popular color right now and so many of my customers are on the quest for the perfect gray. Unfortunately, there are quite a few grays to choose from and many of them look blue-ish.

Below are some colors that customers of mine have found that look silver/gray:

I apologize for the hassle that this has been for you. If you have any more questions, please let us know. 

Posted 2015-06-18T13:22:50+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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