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Help! Floor paint over stripper?

I recently took up carpeting from my basement floor, which is concrete with a thin layer of paint (in good condition).  My goal is to repaint the floor.  I tried stripping off the old paint but now have a very tacky layer on the floor.  Besides scraping the stripper and old paint off the floor (which I've been doing and which isn't going so well) is there another way to clean the stripper off the floor?  What would happen if I painted over the not-fully-removed-stripper?  Any advice is greatly appreciated! 

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Posted 2010-11-15T00:26:56+0000  by akenn akenn

Hello akenn,


I am a Home Depot associate from the Atlanta area, I have been fortunate enough to work in the departments posed in your question, paint and flooring as well as Tool Rental. The situation for your floor can be easily be free of that gunky paint/stripper mixture through the use of a buffing machine with scrub pad from our tool rental department, as well as using a higher quality semi-paste stripper (not liquid) sold in our paint department.


Anytime you have a large area of a concrete floor that has been painted, its very difficult to take off the paint that's on there. Using the buffing machine we rent out saves you time and money by way of reducing the labor you're putting into the floor. There are several machines for the floor that sand or grind them down, however the best option for you is a typical 17" floor maintainer while using a black scour pad, the roughest we typically rent out. Here's a picture of it:



Using the machine takes off the old paint and stripper gunk mixture, although I'd recommend a lot of pads for larger sq. ft. areas.


Now for the spots you may have missed near the edges areas where the buffer wouldn't reach. The semi-paste solvent or thinners work great for getting up tough paint on concrete by not evaporating rapidly like liquid strippers.  I realize you may have used a semi-paste stripper but it only needs to be used in a small area or tough spots that the machine didn't reach,and if it states on the label it can cut through epoxy, one of the hardest paints to get rid of, then use that for your floor. Brush on a coat of semi-paste heavy duty solvent stripper, let it set 20 minutes and scrape off the bad areas all while wearing gloves, a dustmask and goggles. But again, let the machine first be the workhorse for your project, it does a great job on taking the paint off. 


You asked: What would happen if I painted over the not-fully-removed stripper?


That would not be a good idea considering the properties of the stripper. The stripper needs to be off entirely. To make sure it is after it dries, wash down the floor with a good cleaner, preferably something that degreases like Krud Kutter, Formula 409 or Simple Green. After your floor is completely dry, your new paint will be able to be applied very easily. With that said, you can consider other coatings, such as concrete stain or epoxy floor paints to ensure the new floor looks even better than before.


Thanks so much for the question and hope to see you again here in the community!



Posted 2010-11-15T15:45:28+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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