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Help?? Free-standing/wall-less pvc pipe wall display

Hello, I'm on planning on selling at local flea market. We are not allowed of put anything on the wall. I want to use pvc pipe to display but don't know how. I will selling clothes, artwork and jewerly and need ideas not how to display these.



I will to something like that. How to hang things on the pvc pipe like that.

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Posted 2013-05-29T14:46:00+0000  by zeannon zeannon

Greetings zeannon,


 How exciting to be going to a flea market as a vendor! A PVC wall is totally do-able!  Your best bet would be to go to your local Home Depot, and see one of our plumbing specialist. They will be able to show you just how to fashion the frames for a free standing wall.


There are so many different fittings, and sizes that you will need.  Make sure that you tell them the weight that will be suspended from the wall unit to make sure the footings are strong enough.


Bring a sketch of your idea, and the both size that you want to create. You can dis-assemble it and re-construct it right at the venue!


I once saw a great use of burlap at an antique jewelry booth.  The vendor stretched the burlap over the frame, and used the open weave of the burlap to stick broaches, pins and earring through. Safety pins were used to pin scarfs in place. The vendors name was stenciled right on the burlap!


Burlap is very affordable at The Home Depot; it is sold in our garden department! Check it out after you go to the plumbing department!


I would love to see what you come up with along with our store associate, send us some pictures and great success at the sale!!       Maureen

Posted 2013-06-06T19:05:26+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

thank, will do 

Posted 2013-06-06T23:06:22+0000  by zeannon
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