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Help! Lawn disaster!

Hey guys!

  My wife and I moved into our house in Memphis, TN last year and basically only mowed our grass.  We've now got a lot of clovers in our yard.  Also, the previous owner had planted seed in a 4-5 areas around the yard prior to moving out.  Well, we came to find out that the grass type was different than our other grass.  The 4-5 areas grow in dark green and very thick, while the rest of the yard is light green and somewhat thin (and takes longer to grow).  My question is, what's the best way to go about tackling this problem?  Do we dig up the 4-5 areas and lay down sod?  Do we kill the 4-5 areas with Round-up and just lay new sod (or plant seed) over it?  I'm hoping to not have to dig anything up and re-level the yard.  Any ideas?!?!?!

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Posted 2011-03-12T02:35:59+0000  by letsgopsu84 letsgopsu84

Hey letsgopsu84.


There is 1 conclusion I have come to, and that is that you must have Fescue or Annual Rye grass. The two different color grasses could be the same type of grass, for when new seed germinates it is a lighter shade of green and thinner blade, but is it matures it will darken up and get a thicker blade. I suspect that it is probably Fescue but if the seller was taking the cheap way out then there is the possibility that he put down Rye. Because right now both grasses are green that rules out Bermuda, Zoysia, or Centipede. Before killing the grass, make sure that the light green grass is not the kind of grass that we want, because there is no other grasses they would be germinating or green right now for the most part.


Do not worry about killing the weeds with a weed killer right now because if you spray Weed B Gone (24d weed killer) on the yard then you can't plant seed for 1 month. Now is a great time to plant Fescue seed, and not 1 month from now. You could spray a product like Round Up (glysophate weed killer) now and be safe to seed in a week, just keep in mind that Round Up kills every thing that you spray it on.


When putting down the seed, it is recommended that you put down a starter fertilizer with it. Here in Atlanta we also have to put down lime because our acidic soil. In the areas with no grass it will take 10 lbs Fescue seed per 1000 square foot and 5 lbs per 1000 in areas that you want to thicken up. You can put all this down at the same time and then cover it with wheat straw. Wheat straw will hold the seed in place, keeping it from washing away, while at the same time holding moisture to the seed which is crucial for the seed to come up. WATER WATER WATER as often as possible for the first month and then you can slowly back off the water. Once the new grass seed comes up and you cut it 4 or 5 times then you can kill the weeds.


Thank you for the question and I am sorry it took so long to get you an answer.

Posted 2011-03-13T12:42:01+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thanks for the response greengiant.


I definitely think the one type is fescue.  I had a Home Depot associate confirm that today as well when I took in a sample. 


As far as the other grass, it is not green quite yet, but last summer it was a light green.  I believe it may be bermuda.  Do you think I should go with Tall Fescue even though we have brutally hot summers down here?  Or would I be better off sticking with bermuda?  I'd prefer to not have to the Tall Fescue because it's very high maintenance (at least mowing wise).  When would be the best time to plant bermuda seed?

Posted 2011-03-20T01:09:59+0000  by letsgopsu84
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