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Help Putting venner on sides of cabinet!



I bought some oak cabinets from HD that have just partical board on the sides, I bought the 1/8 inch wood to go on the sides that matches. What is my best approach to attach it?


I was just thinking some liquid nails, would this hold?



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Posted 2013-04-01T19:29:55+0000  by chickenman007 chickenman007

Hi chickenman007 ,


The most effective and permanent method is to use contact cement. You can buy the cement at your local Home Depot. You’ll need the contact cement a roller and pan or a brush.


First choose a piece of the material, check the grain pattern to assure it aligns with the cabinet face.


Keep the grain facing in the same direction as the cabinet front. (i.e.)  if the door grain is facing vertically, which is normal with cabinets, the side panel grain should be facing in the same direction.


Next cut the material to size, allow a ½ inch overlap on exposed edges to trim or sand off.


Now you are ready to apply the cement. Work in an open well-ventilated area as the cement has a strong odor, also ware old clothes and gloves, the cement is almost impossible to get off clothing and very difficult to get off your skin.


Lay the veneer panel face down on a work surface, (protect the surface, contact cement is very hard to remove once dry) apply the cement to the veneer panel and to the cabinet surface using a brush or paint roller.


Allow the cement to dry until tacky to the touch.


Next using extreme caution attach the panel to the cabinet, make sure it is properly aligned, as once the cement comes into contact that is it, there is no going back and repositioning can’t be done.


Use a rubber roller with high pressure to roll over the entire panel to assure the cement has good contact.


Finally trim the edge with a router or knife, or sand down to edge to match the cabinet body.


Allow plenty of drying time before applying a finish.


Good luck with your project, let us know how it turned out.



Posted 2013-04-01T20:16:39+0000  by Mike_HD_OC


To facilitate the alignment of contact cemented pieces, put pieces of old fashioned waxed paper on the surface. Once the part is properly aligned, tug the paper out from between the pieces. The wax paper will not stick to the slightly tacky contact cement.


Another version is to put small wooden dowel rods on the surface, align the parts and then pull the center rod out first, pressing down to make contact. Then pull the other rods out in order, working out the air pockets as you work to the edges.

Posted 2013-04-02T02:02:05+0000  by ordjen
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