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Help With Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint

Can Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paint be used with a professional paint sprayer? (I am having bookcases built and would like the contractor to spray paint them in the Kiwi color Precious Metals paint.)  If so, will the paint have the hammered effect or will it be a uniform, metallic sheen?

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Posted 2013-11-01T18:11:35+0000  by Piscyn Piscyn

I just used this stuff, and would not suggest putting it in a paint sprayer. It is very gooey, almost a glue like consistency and thick. If you used it it may bog up your sprayer... and if it didn't bog up the sprayer it would not at all come out even. Its gorgeous though, so just hand paint it. So little is required too, since it spreads out nicely

Posted 2013-11-01T20:11:05+0000  by MelissaLG




That "hammered" look, as shown on the sample cards of Matha Steward Metallics , is accomplished by use of the MS roller that has little stringy threads on it. These draw the metallic flecks out of the liquid to give that look.


MS Metallic is too thick straight  out of the can to spray well with conventional or HVLP siphon pot type sprayers. Airless spray equipment will spray it with the appropriate tip.


If using a conventional sprayer, the Precious Metals can be thinned with up to 8 ounces of water per gallon. However, you will still not get a nice thin liquid which will atomize well. The spray will be somewhat course. This can , however, give a somewhat interesting "hammered" look in itself.


I once had a customer who wanted a high tech metallic look in his factory's R&D room. I sprayed on a base coat of a paint in a color very close to the metallic color. The walls were then sprayed with a very course spray of the metallic. Because the wall was already the same color, the course spray was adequate for coverage and resulted in the course hammered look.


Just some food for thought.

Posted 2013-11-02T14:04:26+0000  by ordjen
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