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Help build my UV Light table




im looking to build a UV light table similiar to this one, I have the builds, i only have the bulbs on hand, 8 two foot t12 flourescents (GE 10244 - F20T12/BL - 20 Watt). The fixtures are the confusing bit, what ballasts to use? How to keep costs at a minimum? do they sell sockets that i can wire to the ballast? How to wire them for that matter?


Any help would be great!!

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Posted 2012-02-11T00:39:38+0000  by brahill brahill
Hey brahill,

Welcome the community.

I'm not sure what UV light table you were referring to, but it's much easier to purchase the entire fixture, ballast and sockets included, to save yourself time and money on the build.

We carry these in our store, and the ballasts have wiring diagrams on them. Any electrician will tell you this is a much better option than piecing the parts together. It's fairly simple to install, and just make sure you are always wiring safely by turning off the power leading to the fixture first before connecting.

Let me know if we can assist you further,
Posted 2014-05-10T21:49:34+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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