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Help identifying and repairing pull down faucet

I need help identifying a pull down kitchen faucet that seemingly has no markings on it. Had it installed 3 months ago by a contractor but I have no idea what the actual faucet brand or model is. So far tracking down the contractor who installed it hasn't gotten me anywhere. The spray head broke on it and I'm trying to get the part to replace it but have no idea how to go about it with out even knowing the model. Works fine otherwise. One piece of plastic in the nozzle needs to be replaced and it should work fine again.

Here's a picture of the pull down faucet. Any ideas for figuring out what the model and brand is?



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Posted 2013-05-11T18:06:57+0000  by juvicg juvicg

Hello juvicg and welcome to the community!


Here are some questions I have:


  • Was the contractor able to tell you where they purchased it from? That would be a big help in narrowing down the brand. 


  • Do you have your invoice from the contractor, they usually add the model and /or brand on the invoice?


  • If you can shut off the water, bring in the broken part and maybe the plumbing associate will recognize the faucet part


You can also look here  to see if you can find your faucet. 

Posted 2013-05-31T14:29:32+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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