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Help needed on repairing ceiling/wall joints

What items do I need to repair the joint between the ceiling (vaulted) and wall?  Do you have tips on how to make it smooth so that the tape doesn't come loose in the future?  Thanks.

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Posted 2012-07-24T11:43:33+0000  by rsandlin rsandlin

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The repair between the ceiling and wall requires several steps:


1) Remove loose tape and any joint compound that is broken or loose;

2) Mix and apply a medium layer of 45-minute joint compound into the seam;

3) Apply seam tape over the joint while compound is still wet ... mesh tape has more strength but paper tape is thinner;

4) Remove excess joint compound while embedding the tape into the joint;

5) Allow joint to dry overnight;

6) Apply another layer of joint compound and smooth into "finished coat" with a trowel;

7) Allow to dry overnight;

8) At this point, many DIYers would sand with 220-grit, but I prefer to wet sand with a dampened tile sponge ... described below;

9) Prime and paint ... use tape to create a perfectly straight line.


NOTE: Although there are machines designed to create perfectly smooth joints, wet sanding makes the smoothest possible surface by hand. Keep a 2-gallon bucket of fresh cool water next to the repair. Dip your tile sponge and wring until only slightly damp. Use the large, flat side of the sponge against the wall and/or the ceiling ... allowing the rounded corner of the sponge to touch the corner. Begin wiping the flat surface and as the joint compound re-wets and is picked up by the sponge, go back to the bucket to release that material (this also eliminates sanding dust on your floor and baseboards). Continue wiping, rinsing and wringing until you are satisfied with the joint. Touching the repair with the open palm of your hand is often the best way to determine when the repair is smooth. Allow to dry, then prime and paint.


FINALLY: If your existing ceiling to wall joint is square instead of rounded, you may want to use a corner trowel and a flat sanding block with 220-grit to recreate the flat angle of your joint.

Corner Trowel.jpg

Posted 2012-07-24T13:41:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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