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Help w/ basement stair railling...pulled away from wall...

Kids playing pulled railling from wall on basement stairs.  The drywall  where screw attached keeps pulling out.  Please advise.  thx.  kcook

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Posted 2011-03-26T16:38:38+0000  by patton45 patton45

It sounds to me that you are going to need better anchors for the screws.  Kevin

Posted 2011-03-27T01:33:07+0000  by KPTCarpentry

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   I have experienced this same dilemma several times as a contractor. In most cases I found that because the handrails absorb most of the weight they usually loosen up over time. Most of the time the wall that the support plate is attached to has a wooden stud behind the sheet rock. Driving a long wood screw through the plate and into that wood will secure the handrails and reduce movement. If for some reason there is not a "stud" behind the sheetrock - then you will want to use a "molly " anchor to secure the screw. 4c5653304d5667716f56425874742d44536f77-149x149-0-0.jpg

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Posted 2011-03-27T14:52:29+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

I suggest that you use a "studfinder" to determine where ther is an adequate support point. There should be 'backing' (a horizontally mounted wood brace) at approximately the original mounting points. Wood or drywall screws of adequate length will provide a solid mounting to the rail hardware. note: backing material is mounted between studs and is normally 2x6 or heavy ply material






Posted 2011-03-27T18:56:50+0000  by fiftyford
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