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Help with Martha Stewart Metallic Paints

HI everyone, I have a question about the Metallic Paints from M.S. which we bought at HD.

I bought the paint to repaint our soon to be born baby girl, and the color is Pink Pearl. My wife loved the color and the rest is history. Not knowing much about the paint or how to apply it (my own fault) I primed the walls and then used the paint to paint the room in 2 coats. 


It looks terrible. Like nailpolish, streaky from the rollers also. After doing some research I see the error of my ways. 

I am now trying to figure out how I can salvage my painting project. Should I abandon it and just reprime the walls and repaint in a normal paint ? or can I some how create a pattern ? perhaps use some painters tape and create columns and paint in between them, over the metallic paint ? (can I paint over metallic paint or do I need to sand it down ?)


I appreciate any help with this mess I caused. Thank you!

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Posted 2011-05-10T20:34:38+0000  by al3b3d3v al3b3d3v

Welcome to our community al3b3d3v!


This is Christine, and I work in the paint department at The Home Depot. I’m very sorry for your recent decorating mishap. But not to worry, you have options!


I really like your idea of creating columns. A lot of people do this with the metallic paint and have had great success.


Another option would be for you to add chair molding and paint the top half with traditional paint and leave the bottom metallic. I have seen this done, and it is really beautiful.


Here are some tips if you choose one of these options:

  • Since you will be painting over metallic paint, you will want to use a primer where you are applying your new paint; lightly sand those areas; or use a paint and primer in one. The easiest option for you would be to use a paint and primer.
  • Make sure when you tape off you use painters’ tape that is specifically designed for new or delicate painted surfaces. This will ensure that your remaining metallic paint doesn’t come up with the tape.
  •  You should look for a really beautiful light pink. It will really pop next to the Pink Pearl metallic.  

Re- priming and using ‘normal’ paint is always an option. I would hate for you to do this though, after all the hard work that you have put into it already. Let’s call this option the ‘last resort’.


Good luck finishing up this project for your baby girl! When will you guys be welcoming your newest addition? I wish you the best of luck as you enter into the joys of parenthood. :smileyhappy:



Posted 2011-05-11T11:59:14+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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