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Help with TRACK LIGHTING; Hampton Bay

Our store manager bought some Hampton Bay track light pieces at the local HD store; the electrician has attempted to install it and find we do not have all the parts needed.  If I can get the correct part numbers for the following, in WHITE, I can then purchase the needed parts.  This is what we need....


1.  Part number for the straight splice connector used between tracks.  For reference, the SKU of a 4' track we have is 555 219.


2.  We are hanging pendant lights that have a long cord attached to connect to some sort of adapter, that will then attach to the track.


3.  The electrician used a SKU 828 359 connector to cover over the junction box and connect to the track.  We would like to confirm this was the correct unit, as it does cause the track to stand away from the cieling somewhat, on that end.  Not a huge issue, but just want to do it right.


Thank you for any help you can provide us!


Andy from WIisconsin

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Posted 2013-02-20T14:16:54+0000  by snofish snofish

Hey, SnoFish!

Thanks for the SKU of the track itself, that helps greatly.

The tech support department for this track can definitely confirm if you are using the right pieces or give you the model info to get what you need.

Please an email to us at, remind us you posted on the How To Community, and we'll get you over to the right place.

Thank you very much.

- Nicki

Posted 2013-02-20T17:44:11+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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