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Help with a low custom table


I am looking to build my own multi purpose table. This is my first DIY project, so nothing complex, just a table top, with four legs. It's for a floor seating, so the height is going to low.  I don't have many tool, just the basic hammer, screw drivers and a power drill. Hoping not to spend too much on the tools.


My plan was to go with the 9" table legs (link below) along with the table leg installation top plate (link below) and install these against the table top. 


Now the questions -

1)  Will this work? Anything additional I need to do?

2) Do I have to have a skirt for the table?

3) Given the look of the table, I was hoping not to use the installation plate, but not sure how I can do without it. 

4) What kind of wood should I be using for the table top? There are so many different kinds, not sure about what I should be looking for. 

5) How do I paint/polish these pieces to give it that nice dark wood look?


Thanks for your help and advice. 


Table legs


Table leg top installation plate

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Posted 2012-07-19T17:35:52+0000  by newchocolates newchocolates


Hi Newchocolates, Thanks for the question.

Your choice of table legs and brackets looks good, they will work fine. Now for a top.

There are several possibilities; a lot depends upon the size of the table top.

A lot of people use a hollow core interior door for a table top. It’s light weight about the size of a banquet table, and is easy to finish as they come primed and ready to paint.

Another possibility is a piece of ¾ inch ACX plywood. A good grade such as”ACX” will give you one good side to use as the table top.


"ACX" plywood is constructed with exterior grade glue, and any spills directly on the wood will not cause the wood to delaminate.


Plywood is a good product to stain or paint, it’s strong and easy to cut. In addition, being solid wood the leg brackets will be easy to install and secure.


If you buy the plywood at your local Home Depot, the lumber associates will cut the wood to the size you need.

I hope this answers your question


Best Answer

Posted 2012-07-19T18:48:59+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Thanks HDAnswerman! That helps a lot. I like the 3/4 inch ACX plywood. Any suggestions on how do I finish the plywood edges? 

Posted 2012-07-19T20:00:08+0000  by newchocolates

 I am pleased we could help.


You can purchase 3/4 inch wide wood veneer edge banding in the molding department of your local Home Depot.


It's a self adhesive molding just peal off the backing and apply. It can be sanded and stained just like your plywood.


Good Luck with your project.



Posted 2012-07-20T00:43:36+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

You're basically making an Asian tea table.


Here is a simple table frame that would accomodate a 24x32 top. The pieces, forming the skirt, are dowelled together. The angled pieces at each corner would be screwed into the sides and the leg.


You'd want to attach the top to the frame with something like this table top fastener

This will allow the table top to move with humidity changes.


If you hunt around some Asian market/grocery stores (especially if you have a large Asian population near you), you'll more than likely find something like this:

This piece measures about 28"Wx20"Dx10"H. The legs will fold up for easy storage. It runs about $60. If you decide you want something like this but can't find it locally, check eBay or sites like H-Mart (think of it as a Korean grocery store plus a lot more).


Posted 2012-07-22T19:19:34+0000  by Paul
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