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Help with ceiling fan remote installation

I have a Hampton Bay Glendale 52 inch fan. I want to add the remote control.  But I am so confused about the wire color. 

Here's the wire description:

FROM CEILING: Red, green, yellow and black

FROM GLENDALE: Black, white, and blue.

Can someone help me? I would appreciate it.

P.S. Fan doesn't have wall switch.
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Posted 2015-07-01T17:32:39+0000  by FrenchTrainGuy456 FrenchTrainGuy456
Red, black, yellow, and green doesn't seem like a likely combination.  It's not uncommon for older white (neutral) wires to appear yellowish or is this wire clearly bright yellow?

It's common for two "hot" wires (black and red) to be run to a ceiling fan box so that the light and fan can be controlled independently from wall switches.  Do you have two switches?

How are things wired now from the fan now?  Black to black, red to blue, "yellow" to white, green to green?

You can also try posting a couple of pictures.  Try to get a couple from different angles as wires are notoriously camera shy.
Posted 2015-07-01T18:33:26+0000  by Adam444
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