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Help with choosing LED downlighting for covered patio

I am having a 25X15 covered patio built first of Feb.  it will be 12ft high at the house and drop down 4ft.   It will also have an insulated slanted ceiling made from 1X1's  I am a licenced elect. and will be doing the elect. work.  I plan to put two ceiling fans with lights centered and also LED recessed can downlighting, and two sets of speakers.  I will have 3-4 days after they build the main part  to get my wiring in, before they install the ceiling.   I was figuring on 4-6 of these 4",not sure wattage yet. maybe 4-5 watts, dimmable.  I have never worked with LED's and have spent hours on the web looking at the different ones and just cannot decide.  I see them from about $10, on up to $1300 each.  I would just like to ask anyone out there with experience with these what they would suggest and any ideas.  Also, any explanation of such a wide range of prices.  i dont wont to spend several thousand dolllars, but do not want to buy junk either.  This is not a fancy porch, just somewhre for us to hang out and enjoy.  Any ideas on any of this would be greatly appreciated  thanks

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Posted 2014-01-17T05:04:30+0000  by amazoncruiser amazoncruiser

Good question and one I'd love to see answered because I've done some reading too and am as confused as you are.  I read something that we're of a mindset based on what we've experienced - traditionally shaped bulbs.  LED takes away those limitations but it's going to be a while until we can really take advantage of the technology.  For example, your patio ceiling doesn't have to be a series of can lights.  It could be a individual LEDs that are postioned to mimic the stars of night sky.  At this point, that would be a little expensive but it gives some idea of what the technology can do.


We have 4" cans in the kitchen I've been thinking about moving to LED.  Not that I've looked that much but I haven't found a simple calculator that will give me a break even point.  Plenty of complex calculators out there but I'm not looking to light the Empire State Building.  Then there's color temperature and while manufacturers use words to describe "bright white" or "warm white" I have the suspicion that a 2800K LED is going to look different than a 2900K LED.


I don't have any specific recommendations but I might suggest looking a LED cans rather than a retrofit trim or just using a LED lamp.

Posted 2014-01-17T12:35:22+0000  by Adam444

Yeah, think I will use can lights, not the gu 10 but with regular style holders.  I think I might buy the color changing bulbs, I foiund on amazon, with remote for $10 at least to try.  I have some of the LED olor changing strip lights I bought for christmas and just lieaving on white put out allot of light.  A friend of mine just built a cover and he ran these on a small ledge aroundt the top where you cant see them and they reflect off the ceiling, and he said thats all he ever even needs.  Have not got to see yet

Posted 2014-01-17T14:31:08+0000  by amazoncruiser
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