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Help with drilling straight. lol

I am building some cornhole (bag toss boards) and am having difficulty drilling a straight 3/8" hole through 2  2X4s. Does anyone have any tricks to help straighten me out?  lol


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Posted 2010-11-18T05:15:13+0000  by aFANofSAINTS aFANofSAINTS

Greetings and welcome to our community,


I understand your dilemma, and have helped others with this situation in the past. Most of the newer drills actually have a "bubble styled" vertical leveling device built in to the drill, but try the following and you should be fine;


Drill a same size hole out of a small piece of 4X4. Place the 4 x 4 against a wall and a framing square beside the drill to insure that the hole you are creating is as vertical and straight as possible. Then use this as a template for drilling the holes in the 2X4's.


Hope that helps and we would love to see pictures of the finished project!

Posted 2010-11-18T12:38:20+0000  by HD116

Looks like you got a great answer regarding drilling the holes....


We call the game "Bag it"


Just want to mention what a great project that was for our family.  My son helped me screw the boards together and my wife and daughter created  the bean bags ( i think they sewed them and filled them with rice).  We all did the painting together.


To this day we still play the game, and enjoy the fact that we made the game ourselves together.




Posted 2010-11-18T16:24:44+0000  by Fletch

Not having an extensive workshop myself, I've run into this same problem. The Hardware department usually carries an attachment made by General Tools. You place your drill within the device and makes your hand drill work like a drill press.

Allows drilling at angles and to specified depths. The base is designed to allow you to easily center the device over a 2x4 for instance.

Posted 2010-11-21T22:21:34+0000  by Paul

Probably the best way to drill a straight hole is with a dowel jig. At least you can make your own jig of any size with a dowel jig simply by make a straight hole with the dowel jig in a board then use that hole to drill any other holes that you might need. In other words the dowel jig may not  expand wide enough to fit the width of a 2x4, so make your own jig.

Posted 2010-11-25T23:34:34+0000  by highinspect

Paul, that is a very handy tool.  I used it to drill the angled holes for the backrest in my garden bench (see Garden Bench thread).

Posted 2010-12-20T18:14:51+0000  by GrueMaster

I bought one of those drill guides from HD once... useless. Design is okay, but manufacture was well below standard...



Posted 2011-01-27T02:43:00+0000  by IA_Woodworker
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