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Help with green paint

My husband and i are trying to choose the right green paint for our house. We are going for like a camping lodge type theme but cant seem to find a color that will work for us. We tried Scotland road green and it turned out more blue then green :-/ and to boot when we tried it with satin instead of semi gloss it came right off when i wiped it with a washcloth. I need a color green to work for my house but also a green paint that will take some scrubbing because i have 3 kids. Thanks!

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Posted 2013-02-24T17:30:02+0000  by KW5 KW5



I will only address the problem of the paint washing off the wall. Acrylic paints can take 2 to 4 weeks to fully cure and gain their maximum adhesion to the substrate. Most paints will tell you on the label to not wash them for at least two weeks after application. If you wash or scrape the surface a couple hours after applying, even though the surface appears dry, you risk removing the new paint.


FYI   Hope this helps

Posted 2013-02-24T18:16:18+0000  by ordjen

I find that picking colors are more like an intuitive result rather than a science.  Meaning...the very first thought that comes to you when you look at a color will usually tell you if the color is right or wrong for you.


Some colors are "man made" and some are found in nature - the ones found in nature (or true colors) are what most of us gravitate to.  Something inside will tell us "this color is just not working" and that's when you ask yourself a couple of questions;


What kind of mood do I want to project in this room?  Calming, energetic, upbeat, reflective, etc.

Does this color accurately represent the feeling I want to experience every time I enter the room? 


Here are a couple of colors to consider:







Posted 2013-02-24T18:59:51+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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