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Help with my living room!

I had a question given to me via private message from MrsNMrAngeles regarding picking out a color for her living room. Here is what the user wrote to us:


Hi, I would like to give a new look to my living room by painting it..The problem is that I don't know what color choose from so many nice color that I've been seen..Let me talk a little bit about my living room..My living room its small, it doesn't have a good natural light and has brown leather sofas with a brown entrainment center..The thing is that its also attach to my dinning room area which is painted with the Cappuccino color from Martha Stewart(that I loved!)Now,I would like to give (to my living room)a nice vivid color that doesn't make it look dark and at the same time that would look nice with the Cappuccino color! (By the way,the living room floor is wood). I hope you can help me with this! I'll appreciate it! So much!

Thanks in advance!



First off, welcome to the community! Thanks for dropping by, and lets get started talking about color!


As paint expert :


 "Picking out colors is a difficult decision. It is also a very personal decision."


With that said, you gave us some information regarding the colors in the living room and adjacent areas. For starters, using a vivid color in a small room, especially in red families, can give the space a smaller yet cozier feel.


However, since you have little natural light, it maybe a wiser choice to restrict the vivid color to just one wall. Too much of a vivid color in a dimly lit room can really give a sense of a closed space versus using a lighter color, especially if the room is small or has low ceilings.


Examples of vivid colors for you can include a merlot or vibrant green. This, of course, will depend on what color of furniture, flooring, and your own personal tastes as well. To better give you an understanding of color in the room, you can use Behr's Behr ColorSmart or Glidden's  Glidden On the Go application that can help you coordinate colors from the comfort of your computer. 


You can have the remaining walls painted in a lighter tone than the Martha Stewart Cappuccino. While you can have the folks at your local paint department reduce the formula down of the Cappuccino to make it lighter, I've picked out a few more warmer tones that could work well in the room. 

Martha Stewart Cappuccino and Similar Colors

Combine this with one accent wall of a vibrant color of your choice, and you can get a great new look for your living room. Remember, experimenting is a good thing in this process. Using color swatches, the links provided above, and even color samples to bring home can save you a lot of time and effort when it comes down to getting the right color.




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